Let me state the undeniable fact about prevailing New World Order, and with regards to the reality in Somalia as well as elsewhere in the so-called “Developing World’. The world went through two devastating World Wars. Why? When a state becomes more powerful economically and militarily with large population, it invariably seeks hegemony (domination) in its region and beyond. To prevent that happening, other states in the region pursue policies to counter-balance that threat. In the likelihood of one nation rising up too powerful, it is tempted to disrupt that balance to achieve its policy objectives of hegemony, first in its sub-region and eventually beyond, through the creation of its enabled alliances.

Good example is Germany of Bismarck and Germany of Hitler in the World War I and II respectively. After the 2nd World War, the world order splits into bi-polar (USA and Soviet Union). Stiff security and economic competition between the two blocks had come nearly nuclear blows during Cuban Crisis in 1961. Peaceful resolution of that crisis led to detente (peaceful coexistence) of the two world superpowers because no one wins in mutual destruction in a nuclear war. No one had used nuclear warheads after USA dropped nuclear bombs in Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing hundreds of thousands to scare off the rising Soviet Union then. The Soviets had tested hydrogen bomb shortly afterwards. Nuclear game was over, but only as deterrent to prevent war between nuclear powers. Cultural, economic and security competition (capitalism vs communism, Adam Smith vs Karl Mark’s- ideology) between them gave way to the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, leading to USA becoming the only superpower.

Undergoing the bitter rivalry during the Cold War and having acquired tremendous experience in regional power-plays, leading in technology, economy, finance and military, the USA would not allow the rise of another superpower again. To USA, the rise of China is a serious threat to the new World Order set and policed by USA, which enjoys hegemony in Europe and central America, and controls regional balance of power elsewhere in the the developing world. That is why the USA wouldn’t allow any disruption in the balance of power, whether it is Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile or others. President Trump’s trade war with China is nothing short of stopping China to achieve bi-polarity with the USA in world power balance. The USA are undermining China day and night. China is fighting back with theft of USA intellectual properties and other means, particularly in economic competition. Africa and Asia are the new economic battle fields. In this regard, Somalia’s strategic location, oil and other mineral resources are very much in the play.

That is why the State of Israel superior militarily over the Arabs is maintained to safeguard USA hegemony in the Middle East. In East Africa, Ethiopia, as a Western client state, would continue to safeguard that balancing act in the Region for USA, as Egypt would do in the Arab World, of course, after Israel.

Take Somalia now. Somalis as people meet all the criteria of Anglo-Saxon world not to allow Somalia to rise up. Why? Here is why:

1. They are black

2. They are Muslims

3. They are violent nomads and untrainable. They have seemingly pathetic attitudes towards public institutions, law and order, properties and human rights. Therefore, they are still primitive and uncivilized, according to the Western culture and anthropology.

4. They have tendency to expand their territories beyond Somalia that could have potential for hegemony in East Africa and beyond many years later.

5. They are incapable of lifting themselves from post- civil anarchy as they are too anarchic by nature to have and maintain a nation-state.

6. They don’t entertain allegiance to anyone except Allah and their own respective clans or tribes.

These characteristics of the Somalis aren’t acceptable to the World only Superpower America, and its Anglo-Saxon alliances of nations. This is the naked truth to the Somali race.

This is the New World Somalis have to deal with, and without coming together and thinking hard on their future as one people and nationality, their continued survival, position and destiny in Africa are undoubtedly gloomy.

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The Coronavirus has demonstrated how deeply the world population is interdepent to defy the proverb that ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ ( المساءب القوم عند القوم فواءد ). What happens in Somalia could affect the entire world.

China is highly secretive state even on contagious diseases. Take a listen.

( photo credit: New York Times)

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