QUIZ: Why do Somali parents teach their offprings or children keenly about their family trees or ancestries? Is it necessary or important for parents to do so?

The idea behind the quiz is: What will happen to a nation which doesn’t teach its children its history, cultural heritage, geography etc? How would you maintain national identity if every child doesn’t know anything beyond his/her parents? Would a Somali kid be different from, let us say, an Oromo one? What makes an English man different from a German one in Britain, Ireland or Canada? Do you know that schools in Somalia don’t teach students history anymore or any other subject of Somali humanity? Whom Somalis will become after a while in the distant future? Finally, how Somali Nation would be different from our neighbours of Ethiopia and Kenya culturally in the distant future?

Most importantly, one of the biggest responsibilities of national governments is to prepare the youth for roles of the next generations of competent leaders in all fields of national endeavors. Is this happening now in Somalia or part of the debate? Think about it.

Let us debate on how to correct the situation.


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